Rebel’s Run…outta cash

God, this is hilarious. Right-wingers have tried for decades to make their version of whatever's hot in pop culture, and it always-always-always sucks balls. In this case their racist superhero movie imploded before even getting made, taking all its donated funds with it, much to everyone else's delight. Who collected that money for "safekeeping"? Steve... Continue Reading →

Somebody (don’t) think about the children!

Sooooo, this happened: Arizona GOP Candidate Arrested For Allegedly Masturbating In Truck Near PreschoolRandy Kaufman was arrested Oct. 4 but suspended his campaign Tuesday following media reports of his arrest. Kaufman is running for the governing board of the Maricopa County Community College District, and was allegedly caught masturbating by the county’s community college police.“[Kaufman] appeared to... Continue Reading →

Remember this dipshit?

The Washington Post poses an interesting question: what does Madison Cawthorn do now? This can be answered with a different question: who gives a flying fuck? What does Madison Cawthorn do now?Since his defeat in May, Cawthorn, who through a spokesman declined to be interviewed, has voted by proxy 86 times in the House, according... Continue Reading →

Shit-apples, shit-tree, etc.

Well, what a surprise: the guy who tried to shoot up the F.B.I. and ended up being the one getting filled with holes just happens to be a rabid Trumper. Who coulda guessed? FBI shooter was prolific contributor to Trump’s Truth Social websiteIn the minutes after an armed man in body armor tried to breach... Continue Reading →

Impossibly dumb

Imagine being so entrenched in fabricated culture wars that the addition of veggie sausage to a restaurant menu sends you flying into a righteous "anti-woke" rage. Cracker Barrel adds Impossible sausage to menu, causes online stirCracker Barrel’s country tranquility was apparently shattered on Monday, when the chain announced on Facebook that customers could customize their breakfast plate... Continue Reading →

Hey America, what time is it??

Yes! It's time to declare we're living in the EEEEENNNND TIIIIIMMMMEEESSSSS!! Again. Is it the end of the world? Russia’s war on Ukraine has some Christians wondering.The war in Ukraine has reignited beliefs among some conservative evangelicals that Russia could help fulfill biblical prophecies about the end of the world. These evangelicals, particularly charismatic Christians... Continue Reading →

Truth Social is already circling the drain

Oh, seeing Trump fail is such a beautiful thing to watch. It was doomed to fail from the beginning: a botched, buggy launch, accusations of stolen code, massive security holes, waitlists for users, a lack of engagement by some of the right-wing's most reality-challenged stars... It's a thing of beauty. Disgusting, pathetic, humiliating beauty. I... Continue Reading →

Someone needs his dipey changed

Isn't it heartwarming to see child stars returning to their roots and acting like children again? Former Child Star Ricky Schroder Has Public Meltdown Over Museum Mask RuleThis time, Schroeder flipped out on security guards who asked him to wear a mask before entering the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library & Museum in Abilene, Kansas,... Continue Reading →

Oh, he has some regrets

People like this always say they "have no regrets" because it makes them feel like big tough guys after seeing the catastrophic results of their own actions. Because admitting your mistakes somehow makes you less of a man or something...? A Texas lawyer says he had 'hit rock bottom' after losing his fiancée, friends, and... Continue Reading →

One Texas parent’s war against readin’

First of all, Trump is a massive bully. His supporters are fully aware of this, but they've adopted his habit of accusing others of what he does himself. Because they're fuckin' monsters. A Texas parent demanded a Michelle Obama biography be pulled from schools because they said it would make white girls feel 'ashamed'The Katy,... Continue Reading →

Bonus: kooks vs. ninjas

As if the news that Cyber Ninjas has been flushed down the proverbial shitter wasn't enough, we can have this lil' tidbit as a schadenfreude chaser. Cyber Ninjas Attacked by MAGA Audit Fans After Court RulingAfter a disastrous day in court on Thursday, the company behind Arizona’s chaotic Maricopa County election “audit” is disbanding, and now some... Continue Reading →

Cyber Ninjas: flushed at last

At first I was surprised it took this long for Cyber Ninjas to collapse under the weight of its own incompetence, but then I remembered that we live in the American Hellscape where up is down, lies are truth, and ex-presidents are orange. But at last we have it: the final slap in the face... Continue Reading →

Buh-bye, betch

Well look who's the latest to get booted from Twitter! I'm sure she's been shrieking about "censorship" after all this, but you know what? Nobody cares. Fuck off to one of those shittier echo chambers like Gettr or Parler or Insurrectionr or whatever slums these conservative asshats scurry off to when they can't play nice... Continue Reading →

Bleachy keen!

You know what? I fail to see any downsides to this. So... some unhinged right-wing culties are drinking poison. Are we supposed to feel some way about that? Other than mild amusement, I mean? You can't save these people, and they don't want to be saved. Leave them to their magic potions and maybe their... Continue Reading →

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