0 comments on “I just want to say…

  1. I don’t know either….. but to change the subject…..
    I just got a telephone call from a tele-marketeer that hangs up on me…..about 4 times a day couple days a week.
    I had “phone rage” …. I was about to throw my phone …but i didn’t want it to break.
    I called comcast and complained but they said call donotcall.gov and gfave me the phone number.
    unfortuneltely even thought i was able to get the number of the caller by *69 the woman talked so low and fast i oculdn’t hear the company.
    I imagine it’s a new college grad at a job who has quite the phone voice to irritate the shit outa someone.
    Her voice mail attitude conveyed triteness that said “i just irritated you and i know it.”
    And i drank like a pig in school but now I’m a professional at a phone(lol)
    Well it’ll take 30 days for me to get no further ph calls.
    and my phone is safe .


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