0 comments on “Are you a real jock?

  1. i think that just about everyone wants to think that they are more than what people think of them. muscle-heads want to be valued for having brains, geeks want to be thought of as sexual beings. take an extreme. no one really wants to be pigeon-holed as a type.
    that said, we tend to want to be around people who we have things in common with. geeks want people who enjoy sci-fi movies and video games. muscle-queens want someone who puts at least some energy into their health.
    but in the long run, people tend to be shallow and single-minded about everything, and even if the site had the best intentions of connecting guys who might all be into sports, the common denominator will always win out


  2. Well, physical looks in most cultures and even in the animal kingdom predominate in mating, etc., but, if you are intimidated by that, then I am not sure what site you could go to or create. BUT, I found my love on here (Real Jock), but, it was not his physical looks that first caught my attention. It was his wonderful smile. And, I told him so. And he kept that email and now we are exploring a life together. So, even where an overriding theme can predominate, read profiles, see what guys on Real Jock are interested in or try commenting on a quality they may have other than muscles or great looks. Sometimes it works!


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