0 comments on “Disneyland for Dimwits

  1. I am a bit offended by your “(where else?) Kentucky” remark. Not all Kentuckians are non-reasoning people like creationists. We reasonable kind are in the majority. . .I hope.


  2. So, with the $10 admission fee per child, would the museum charge a pregnant woman $30? I mean, since life BEGINS at conception, and it’s not a fetus but a CHILD according to their ‘logic’? If so, that is the most brilliant marketing scheme EVER. Take THAT, televangelists! This is the wave of the future!! Ha!!


  3. Yeah, I guess that was kind of a cheap shot at Kentucky. It’s like saying “Today the Smug Hipster Museum opened in (where else?) Seattle.” Point taken! 🙂


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