0 comments on “Bad movies. Good book.

  1. As a person who’s seen painfully few movies (I really have zero attention span to sit still for that long and suspend disbelief) and who has liked precious few of those, I will definitely check out Ebert’s book-thanks for the tip!
    My favorite movie critic, though, has got to be Kyle Smith from the NY Post. Regardless of whether I have any interest in the movies he reviews or not, I always read them because he’s hilarious-especially if he dislikes the movie he’s reviewing!
    Now, I am off to waste some time checking out that list of 100 bad movies.


  2. I always liked Ebert’s opinions better than Siskel’s. He does seem to know his movie stuff, although his wormy purple lips always kind of grossed me out.


  3. A bit off the subject, but has anyone else noticed how much Roger Ebert is looking like a bull-dyke nowadays? The resemblance is uncanny!
    I enjoy his reviews, but as a former journalist myself, it should be noted that it’s MUCH easier to write a bad review than a good review. Maybe that’s why we see so many more bad reviews than good. (Or maybe it’s because there’s so many more bad movies than good…. are there any film students reading this who know whether it’s easier to make a bad movie than a good movie?)


  4. Ha ha! @ MyK Hell for the bulldyke comment.
    I’m no film student, but I’m certain it’s easier to make a bad movie than a good one.


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