0 comments on “Arkansas Baby Factory™ rolls out its 17th product

  1. Again? They realy need to give it a rest. One day the father will be walking along, somebody will knock him over the head with something heavy and then he’ll wake up in a dark alleyway an hour later, the first reciepient of a back street vicsectomy.


  2. It gets them attention. Think about it. Your only skill and quality is the ability to breed. And it gets you endless attention (news story once a year). Never mind that you look like an ignorant farm animal. the important part is the attention. and of course the support of the church who wants to see sex relegated to an act of procreation (one to make sure there are other church goers in the pipeline and two to control another aspect of daily living). I want to say “let them destroy themselves and their children’s lives” but I realize that they aren’t paying for a damn thing. They are just putting another 10+ exponentially growing pounds of pressure on the ecological infrastructure


  3. I look at those two with those big Christian smiles and all I can think about is that they FUCK ALL THE TIME (in the name of Jesus)!!!


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