0 comments on “What I learned in church today: BLAM-BLAM-BLAM-BLAM!!!

  1. Did the church notice how much of an anti-religious game halo is?
    Covenan: large religios group with the intent to destroy not the human race, so much as those who don’t belive what they do.
    Humans: minding there own business when a group of psychotically obsessed group of religious fanatics trys to convert them
    Nope, no parallels there.


  2. Stupid religious people. They think they can get away with anything as long as they add “…in the name of God.” to the end of anything.
    Let’s set up an evil spookhouse that portrays homosexuality/thinking freely/questioning religion/sex/tearing off the mattress tag/sinning as death and dress up in gory costumes to scare the hell out of children “…in the name of God.”
    Let’s ask for money so that we can live a lavish lifestyle on TV right in front of the people that we’re asking money from and embezzle it and spend it on our own vices “…in the name of God.”
    Let’s slather obnoxious bumperstickers and fish and crosses and WWJD and ribbons all over our cars and then be a complete asshole in traffic breaking just about every law “…in the name of God.”


  3. Hell, making themselves “hip” and trying to blend in to appeal to a younger group is the same tactic pedophiles have been using forever.


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