Trump shits himself on social media…again

So the Orange One’s new social network is called Truth Social. Seriously. As if he’s ever told the truth in his stupid, con-man life. He can’t even do his new social media thing without using open-source code and claiming it for his own. Should we be surprised?

Trump’s Social Media Platform Could Already Face Legal Issues, After Allegedly Ripping Off Code

However, it would appear that Trump’s new site is not only unoriginal in concept but also in code. As originally reported by Vice News, Truth Social seems to have lifted its digital DNA directly from Mastodon, the open-source alternative social network known for its focus on user privacy and autonomy.

…Mastodon leases its software under something called an AGPLv3 license, which basically stipulates that users can use its code so long as they acknowledge where it came from and make the copied or modified code available for public inspection. However, in its own terms of service, Truth Social claims that “all source code” from its software is proprietary, essentially failing to mention that it lifted it from somewhere else.

OF COURSE he claims it for himself. That way he can say “I built this network with my own two tiny doll hands!”

The best part may be yet to come, though. We don’t know if the lawsuit filed by Mastodon’s owners will get the site taken down, but there’s a good chance the site’s security is suuuuuuper lax like every other shitty right-wing tech investment (Gettr, Gab, Parler, Epik, etc.). And, at some point after launch, just like those other services it’s gonna be hacked and dumped onto the web. We’ll all get to see what horrific shit these losers are saying in their bastion of “free speech”, and many of them will get publicly humiliated and fired from their jobs, blah blah blah… It’ll be hilarious, don’t worry.

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