No, “Dune” doesn’t need a post-credits scene

The Danish cover, just for giggles. Because I’m 12.

Why would it? But don’t tell that to this guy at Screen Rant, because he thinks the film’s lack of a post-credits scene (and the director’s distaste for them) is one of its “major problems.” Um, whut?

Denis Villeneuve’s After Credit Scene Hate Is The Problem With Dune

Unfortunately, the lack of credit scenes hurts Dune. The film ends abruptly on a relatively blasé note. Paul is simply heading off into the desert with the Fremen. There’s no cliffhanger or hook to keep the moment interesting. With Villeneuve breaking Herbert’s novel in half, he saved the most exciting parts of the story, a.k.a. Paul and the Fremen taking on the Harkonnens, for a future second movie. That Dune sequel wasn’t even guaranteed to happen at the time of the first film’s release. Now, the sequel won’t come out until 2023, and viewers who weren’t hooked by the first film’s ending have little incentive to tune in. An after-credits scene could’ve teased some of the action and twists the sequel will bring, keeping interest and speculation alive over the years that fans will be waiting.

Soooo… The movie is clearly only half the story, and the sequel hadn’t even been greenlit at the time of release — both of which the author acknowledges. Yet he still thinks it needs that extra little bit at the end. What if the sequel hadn’t been approved, hmmm?

Not to mention that the credits run seven full minutes…and these days I personally don’t feel like staying behind, watching words slide slowly up the screen, just to catch 15 seconds of tease footage for something I know I’m going to see someday anyway. I did that for a few movies back when it was new and exciting, but after a few times I eventually decided to just watch ’em on YouTube later. Gotta get out of there before the parking garage exodus gets too crazy, y’know? Plus it keeps the cleaning crew from doing their job when you’re still sitting there in the way. But I digress…

Look, this isn’t a Marvel movie with a long list of planned sequels in its future. This story isn’t part of a an existing multiverse with a dozen other movies and hundreds of other characters. Maybe someday, but right now it’s just one movie with another that we now know will follow in a couple of years. It sounds like some Marvel geeks are expecting every movie to have a post-credits scene now, otherwise they just can’t feel any excitement about what’s coming next. What a bizarre thing to think of as a “problem” for a movie.

(And yes, I know it’s not just Marvel who does this stuff, but they’re the ones who made it a “thing” in all of their movies.)

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