Dirty birds

So… Twitter admits their platform spreads right-wing lies and vitriol more than anything from the left. Gasp!

Twitter Algorithms Amplify Right-leaning Political Content More Than Left-leaning, Company Says Citing Own Research

Twitter is publicly sharing research findings today that show that the platform’s algorithms amplify tweets from right-wing politicians and content from right-leaning news outlets more than people and content from the political left.

“We can see that it is happening. We are not entirely sure why it is happening. To be clear, some of it could be user-driven, people’s actions on the platform, we are not sure what it is. It’s just important that we share this information,” Chowdhury said.

Why are they acting like it’s such a mystery? It seems to me there are two hugely obvious reasons that social media companies amplify shitty right-wing content more than anything else:

  • Conservatives know how to fight dirty and game the system. They have zero qualms about doing whatever it takes, no matter how deceptive or immoral or anti-American, to get their way and gain power.
  • Conservatives have a persecution complex. They know that their views aren’t popular with the majority of the country, so they have to do whatever they can to get their message out there.

These two factors work hand-in-hand to dominate social media. When Twitter or Facebook takes down a right-wing post that violates the company’s rules, conservatives are quick to clutch those pearls and scream “Censorship!” even though it’s no such thing. A few years ago Trumpy politicians saw an opportunity in this and interrogated the CEOs of these companies, all of whom basically folded and agreed to tweak their algorithms, making right-wing content more visible than anything else. Yes, even if it violates their content rules. This has been verified by whistleblowers who saw it happen and provided proof.

Trump basically had carte blanche to say whatever the fuck he wanted on these services, no matter how false or despicable. When did he finally cross a line and get banned? Oh, just when he tried to OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT. Most of his evil little anti-democracy imps are still able to spread whatever dangerous lies they want, of course. That’s how much free reign they have. They’re even paying teens to post MAGA bullshit online, which shows just how low they’re willing to sink. They know their views are unpopular, so they’re paying kids to make them seem popular. And because America would rather get its “news” from Facebook, well…you can guess how well it’s working.

This is the kind of stuff that makes me wish I could just hole up in a cave somewhere for the next decade or so. (The cave would have to have wifi and a booze cabinet, but otherwise I could probably make it work…)

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