The monetary equivalent to punching a Nazi

It’s hard to believe, but sometimes evil doesn’t pay. Or maybe should I say: this evil is going to pay.

Jury Slaps Unite The Right Organizers With Millions In Damages Over Racist Violence

A panel of 11 jurors in Charlottesville, Virginia, decided against a group of white nationalist defendants and ordered them to pay millions in damages on Tuesday, concluding a lengthy and unconventional trial that sought to hold them financially accountable for working to spread hate.

…the defendants will likely be forced to pay six-figure damages each to nine plaintiffs who joined the August 2017 demonstrations against the “Unite the Right” rally ― two days of clashes between far-right extremists and counterprotesters that left one woman dead, dozens injured and a scar on modern American history.

Will they really squeeze $25 million out of these pathetic alt-right twats? Who knows. What matters is that they were held accountable for their stupid, infantile, and deadly behavior, and they will be financially ruined for the rest of their lives. That’s the plan, anyway. We need to make it expensive to be this kind of organized racist shitbag.

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