Tabula Sorta Rasa

In an attempt to do something a bit different, I’ve started a separate blog under the original title of this one: Total Obscurity. My goal is to keep it free of politics and religion, two topics which seem to have overtaken Q.M., in favor of longer ramblings and recollections of odd things. My life isn’t really fascinating enough for a memoir, so… I guess this’ll do, pig. This’ll do.

Lazily-chosen generic photo to indicate an offshoot

I’ve never had any goals for readership numbers (why start now?), so don’t expect anything earth-shattering. But hopefully you’ll find something interesting there anyway. I did take a couple of older Moronics posts and reworked them for the better, and I might do a few more like that, but most of it will be new…like that story about my grandma and the Navajo medicine men. That’s a pretty good one. Or at least I hope it will be, once it’s written. Maybe I should get started on that…

Of course I’ll keep posting ragey, exasperated, expletive-heavy opinions here — it’s a form of therapy, I swear! — but as a fairly new quinquagenarian I’ve been feeling the need to have a separate place for the “other” stuff.

And now, back to our irregularly-scheduled griping!

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