This QNut has had enough

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely loooooooove reading about disgruntled QAnon cultists whining about the collapse of all the bullshit their entire reality hinges on. These people are slow to process things, but when it finally hits them it’s magical.

QAnon Follower Writes Open Letter to Donald Trump Over Failed Predictions: ‘Tired of It’

Telegram user Donny Warren shared the open letter to Trump with a QAnon Telegram group with thousands of followers on Sunday. In the letter, he spoke of his frustration over the lack of predictions made by the conspiracy movement that have come true.

“We have seen nothing happen. I told a few of my ‘awake’ friends that either this would be the best Thanksgiving ever or the worst. Guess which one it was?”

“For months I have anticipated each day with excitement knowing that I was watching my President and his crews of patriots take back our country and our freedom. I am losing that excitement now. This is starting to get very old. I will not be checking Lin [Wood’s] page, or [General Michael] Flynn, or any others for a good while. I’m already tired of it.”

It’s like music to my ears…or whatever the equivalent is for eyeballs.

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