Cyber Ninjas: flushed at last

At first I was surprised it took this long for Cyber Ninjas to collapse under the weight of its own incompetence, but then I remembered that we live in the American Hellscape where up is down, lies are truth, and ex-presidents are orange. But at last we have it: the final slap in the face to anyone who thought this company was going to actually prove that Trump lost Arizona like the big fat loser he is. They actually helped prove that he lost by even more votes than they thought! Such a giant, losing loser. (I love repeating that Trump is a loser because it’s the thing he’s most afraid of, and I know it burns his soul to know he lost — and lost hard.)

Cyber Ninjas says farewell

Cyber Ninjas, the company behind a shoddy and partisan audit of election results in Maricopa County, Ariz., is in free fall. The audit, which former president Donald Trump said would uphold his baseless claims of election fraud, has instead resulted in the auditing firm going out of business, the possible bankruptcy of its chief executive and a public fight with the GOP lawmakers who hired it.

We’ll see more of this nonsense from Republicans in the coming years, but in the meantime it’s refreshing to see such a bad-faith “audit” be publicly crushed and humiliated.

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