Bonus: kooks vs. ninjas

As if the news that Cyber Ninjas has been flushed down the proverbial shitter wasn’t enough, we can have this lil’ tidbit as a schadenfreude chaser.

Cyber Ninjas Attacked by MAGA Audit Fans After Court Ruling

After a disastrous day in court on Thursday, the company behind Arizona’s chaotic Maricopa County election “audit” is disbanding, and now some rightwing fans are furiously wondering if it was all just a big scam.

…The move comes as a blow to audit dead-enders who have long insisted that Cyber Ninjas secretly has proof of Donald Trump’s 2020 victory—but who are now smearing the group as “grifters.”

“Wondering if it’s a scam”? Oh, this is just too scrumptious to bear. Better to savor it, one kook at a time…

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