Covidiot Counties

If you needed more proof that being Pro-Trump also means being Pro-COVID, look no further than this NPR study. Pro-Trump counties now have far higher COVID death ratesNPR looked at deaths per 100,000 people in roughly 3,000 counties across the U.S. from May 2021, the point at which vaccinations widely became available. People living in... Continue Reading →

Dirty birds

So... Twitter admits their platform spreads right-wing lies and vitriol more than anything from the left. Gasp! Twitter Algorithms Amplify Right-leaning Political Content More Than Left-leaning, Company Says Citing Own ResearchTwitter is publicly sharing research findings today that show that the platform's algorithms amplify tweets from right-wing politicians and content from right-leaning news outlets more than people... Continue Reading →

GOP Death Cult roundup

I have to apologize in advance for some potentially insensitive things I'm gonna say about dead people, but this stuff has me bouncing between rage and apathy like a goddamn ping pong ball. So let's get to it! The potato-faced über-Karen known as Marjorie Taylor Greene has been shitting her ignorance all over social media... Continue Reading →

Religious conservative “morals” are anything but

Here we have two stories that perfectly sum up the fucked-up values of America's religious conservatives. Let's start with this: Republicans Are Pissed About Crackdowns on Vaccine Exemptions The fight against measles in a handful of states is facing staunch opposition from Republicans and anti-vaxx parents as lawmakers crack down on exemptions that let kids... Continue Reading →

Reap this.

Whoops. Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick deletes "reap what you sow" tweet after mass shooting at LGBT club A "reap what you sow" tweet from Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick that went out hours after approximately 50 people were killed at a Florida LGBT nightclub has been deleted amid backlash.  At precisely 7 a.m. Sunday... Continue Reading →

Rise of the Religious Reich

Normally I'd never compare anything to Hitler, because honestly whenever anyone does that they've basically torpedoed their argument.  But finally I might have something, and I don't think Godwin's Law applies because the comparison is becoming more and more valid by the day. What we're hearing coming out of the mouths of the right wing lately is fucking scary.... Continue Reading →

Obama’s finger of Muslim terror!

I have a certain family member who subscribes to the "Obama's a Muslim" school of paranoid and irrational conservative thinking.  She knows -- for a fact! -- he's a Muslim, because he wears a ring that says so.  Well that's a new one for me, so I asked for details.  Apparently he wears a ring that... Continue Reading →

Attention, climate change denialists!

This is simply genius.  Because, you know, whatever the weather's like outside your window right now is how it is all over the world. This One Comic Perfectly Shuts Down Deniers of Global Warming This April 2014 comic below, from the Buffalo News' Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Adam Zyglis, deftly calls out climate change deniers for this... Continue Reading →

2 shitbirds, 1 stone

Rush Limbaugh And Sean Hannity Booted From Airwaves By Second Largest Radio Broadcaster With over 2,700 sponsors removing their ads from Limbaugh’s show and the millions of dollars it has cost, it was only a matter of time before a major radio distributor dropped the program in favor of a show that isn’t overwhelmingly boycotted.... Continue Reading →

Yes, Texas IS the worst state

Without Tampons Present, Texas Passes Restrictive Abortion Law After banning the presence of any female hygiene products from its Senate floor, Texas passed its restrictive abortion law last night, which will ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy as well as install new regulations that will most likely drive abortion clinics out of business. Another... Continue Reading →

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