Oh, he has some regrets

People like this always say they "have no regrets" because it makes them feel like big tough guys after seeing the catastrophic results of their own actions. Because admitting your mistakes somehow makes you less of a man or something...? A Texas lawyer says he had 'hit rock bottom' after losing his fiancée, friends, and... Continue Reading →

Buh-bye, betch

Well look who's the latest to get booted from Twitter! I'm sure she's been shrieking about "censorship" after all this, but you know what? Nobody cares. Fuck off to one of those shittier echo chambers like Gettr or Parler or Insurrectionr or whatever slums these conservative asshats scurry off to when they can't play nice... Continue Reading →

Dirty birds

So... Twitter admits their platform spreads right-wing lies and vitriol more than anything from the left. Gasp! Twitter Algorithms Amplify Right-leaning Political Content More Than Left-leaning, Company Says Citing Own ResearchTwitter is publicly sharing research findings today that show that the platform's algorithms amplify tweets from right-wing politicians and content from right-leaning news outlets more than people... Continue Reading →

Slammer time for insurrection Karen

Well, well, well. She tried to blame "antifa" for the riots, and that didn't work. She also tried to claim her white skin and blonde hair would save her from punishment. How's that working out, hmmm? Capitol Rioter Who Boasted She Wouldn’t Go to Jail Because She’s White Is Going to Prison Ryan in March... Continue Reading →

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