Truth Social is already circling the drain

Oh, seeing Trump fail is such a beautiful thing to watch. It was doomed to fail from the beginning: a botched, buggy launch, accusations of stolen code, massive security holes, waitlists for users, a lack of engagement by some of the right-wing's most reality-challenged stars... It's a thing of beauty. Disgusting, pathetic, humiliating beauty. I... Continue Reading →

Bonus: kooks vs. ninjas

As if the news that Cyber Ninjas has been flushed down the proverbial shitter wasn't enough, we can have this lil' tidbit as a schadenfreude chaser.Cyber Ninjas Attacked by MAGA Audit Fans After Court RulingAfter a disastrous day in court on Thursday, the company behind Arizona’s chaotic Maricopa County election “audit” is disbanding, and now some rightwing... Continue Reading →

Buh-bye, betch

Well look who's the latest to get booted from Twitter! I'm sure she's been shrieking about "censorship" after all this, but you know what? Nobody cares. Fuck off to one of those shittier echo chambers like Gettr or Parler or Insurrectionr or whatever slums these conservative asshats scurry off to when they can't play nice... Continue Reading →

GOP bails out fake billionaire

What? Isn't he supposed to be a big, huge, mega-rich super billionaire? Or does he owe so many millions to foreign banks and Russian oligarchs that he can't afford to pay his own lawyers' fees? This means that the GOP is so enraptured under Trump's dumbstupid spell that they're willing to pay his legal bills...for... Continue Reading →

Stopping the steal…by stealing

Hey, look! After 11 months of bullshit and lies, it finally paid off with some (apparently) coordinated election fraud! Sure, they all voted for the Orange Shitbag, but it still... Mission sorta accomplished? Way to go, elderly residents of The Villages! Florida Trump supporters arrested on charges of casting more than one vote in 2020... Continue Reading →

Covidiot Counties

If you needed more proof that being Pro-Trump also means being Pro-COVID, look no further than this NPR study. Pro-Trump counties now have far higher COVID death ratesNPR looked at deaths per 100,000 people in roughly 3,000 counties across the U.S. from May 2021, the point at which vaccinations widely became available. People living in... Continue Reading →

Dirty birds

So... Twitter admits their platform spreads right-wing lies and vitriol more than anything from the left. Gasp! Twitter Algorithms Amplify Right-leaning Political Content More Than Left-leaning, Company Says Citing Own ResearchTwitter is publicly sharing research findings today that show that the platform's algorithms amplify tweets from right-wing politicians and content from right-leaning news outlets more than people... Continue Reading →

Slammer time for insurrection Karen

Well, well, well. She tried to blame "antifa" for the riots, and that didn't work. She also tried to claim her white skin and blonde hair would save her from punishment. How's that working out, hmmm? Capitol Rioter Who Boasted She Wouldn’t Go to Jail Because She’s White Is Going to Prison Ryan in March... Continue Reading →

Idiot of the day

Rep. Boebert thinks 5 deaths by bow & arrow are a "mass killing." Well, in Norway that makes sense. Here in America where guns are worshiped and even fetishized, it's just a tiny drop in a bloody, bloody ocean. Jesus, what a loon.

GOP Death Cult roundup

I have to apologize in advance for some potentially insensitive things I'm gonna say about dead people, but this stuff has me bouncing between rage and apathy like a goddamn ping pong ball. So let's get to it! The potato-faced über-Karen known as Marjorie Taylor Greene has been shitting her ignorance all over social media... Continue Reading →

The GOP death cult is coming for you

I took this in the Czech Republic in 2009. Fitting, hmmm? Every day for the last couple of months we've been seeing more and more stories about proud, patriotic, mask-hating idiots following the herd over the COVID cliff.  This, folks, is why it's a death cult.  It's as if they're wanting to get sick, hoping... Continue Reading →

It all comes back to him

I tend to make sweeping generalizations in my posts, usually for simplicity (but sometimes just for spite). However, in this case I'm going to declare it 100% justified when I say that Trump has played the biggest part in the three scariest threats (in my opinion) we face in this raging American dumpster fire: distrust... Continue Reading →

Reap this.

Whoops. Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick deletes "reap what you sow" tweet after mass shooting at LGBT club A "reap what you sow" tweet from Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick that went out hours after approximately 50 people were killed at a Florida LGBT nightclub has been deleted amid backlash.  At precisely 7 a.m. Sunday... Continue Reading →

Of guns and dildos

This might be the greatest response to gun-toting GOP candidates I've ever seen.  Absolutely clever, juvenile, and hilarious!  Check out #GOPdildo on Tumblr, it's a hoot.  In the below article he explains why he's Photoshopping dildos into the hands of Republicans, and his thoughts on gun control are thoughtful and well-stated.  He'd like a more... Continue Reading →

Shoot, die, pray, repeat

Not exactly subtle, is it? My thoughts exactly.  We're reaping what they have sown, and all they can do is say they're praying for the victims...which does absolutely nothing except make you look compassionate and feel good about yourself. Look, I'm atheist but I get it.  I know that many people feel that the only thing... Continue Reading →

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