The SporkCam Archive: 1998-2000

Here it is, for all three of you who care:  the complete screenshot archive from the SporkCam.  Back when webcams were the cool new thing to do online, I set one up and had it running on my front page.  It would take a screenshot every 10 seconds or so.  I’d turn it on for a couple of hours each night for fun, but when Troy came over it always got extra fun because we love acting stupid. 🙂  I was getting a good deal of traffic to my homepage at that point so I’m sure a lot of strangers saw this stuff and wondered what the hell was going on.  So here are the better ones I saved from a few of our “dork sessions.”

In ’98 I had my crappy old black ‘n’ white QuickCam for this, and the pics were very small.


Later I got a better camera and software.  Here’s some assorted stupidity & weirdness…


Barry & Troy’s Freakshow


Face Fun

(Sorry about that last one.)


Send in the Heads


Troy Goofs Off

In these pics, I was working on fixing a problem with the webcam software and forgot that the camera was still broadcasting.  So you can see the looks of confusion and annoyance on my face…while Troy, in the background, makes faces for the camera because he knows it’s still on.  I had no idea he was doing this until we looked at the pictures hours later!


Tube Time!

I don’t know what brought this on, but it was funny as hell for some reason.


Dorkin’ in Seattle

When I moved to Seattle in 2000 I didn’t turn on the webcam much, but now and then my housemate and I would goof off on there.

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